Sunday, November 15, 2009

Applebright Farm's professionally processed Pygora fiber is available in 1 oz. clouds. All natural colors; white, cream, peach, buff, fawn, mocha, silver, pewter and black - 100% Pygora and specialty blends.

Our gift packaged 1 oz. clouds are available in a cheery gift box or bridal netting bag tied with a satin ribbon.

Spinner Barb Day says - "We really love this fiber. I like it much better than cashmere. I just think it is much more interesting, not to mention prettier and easier to spin."

How to spin you 1 oz. of Pygora:
- Lace weight: 110 yds.
- Sport weight: 100 yds.
- Worsted: 75 yds.

Our inventory is plentiful thanks to our herd of 40 beautiful Pygoras.

As a special introductory price: 1 oz. gift package: $18.50 includes FREE SHIPPING to the Western USA.
Shipments of multiple items, bulk orders or international shipping will be arranged with the buyer. Payment by USD only, check or money order (No credit cards or Paypal).

To place your order or to inquire about availability please email :

November is the time of year for first haircuts. Triplets, Melody, Encore and Minuet are wondering why they are only half as big as they were 5 minutes ago! Brother and sister could not understand why Minuet was getting all that attention. These little dollies are available for sale with their black Mama Tessie to someone who would love to love a little family (3F, 1W).

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It rained last night. HOORAY!!!! At last, now some of the dust and spider webs will be knocked down. I don't think the baby animals have ever seen rain - they are huddled in their houses with the rest. The banty Cochin chicks are so cute with their fluffy bums and pantaloon legs. They will be given away to new homes anytime now.
Harvest is really in full swing now. Images of Grandmothers who stood at the kitchen sink for hours peeling fruit come to mind. The Bartletts are lucious this year and the Asian pears are not far behind. We usually pick 700-900 pounds. The tomatoes just won't quit either - we are storing up vitamins to ward off the winter 'yuckies'. I tried a new variety - the little Grapettes - they dry beautifully and I'm going to make tomato pesto with them. We'll wind up next month with grapes and figs. Then rest!
My favorite quick recipe for using up some of the soft fruits (Bartletts or plums) is a French CLAFOUTIS: Blend together 1 C milk, 4 large eggs, 1/2 C sugar, 2/3 C flour, 2 Tbsp melted butter and a dash of vanilla. Pour into a buttered shallow baking dish. Peel and slice fruit and arrange on top of the batter. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Bake 35-45 minutes, until set. Delicious for dessert of breakfast.
We are all getting ready for the Oregon FLock & Fiber Festival September 26 & 27 in
Canby, OR. It's a great time to see many of the fiber producing animals from bunnies to sheep and goats along with all the vendors of fiber and fiber crafting tools. It is our largest PYGORA show. Its' all FREE. Come and see Applebright Farm Pygoras and fiber for sale in the barn.
My fiber is all commercailly processed and all in natural colors - silver, pewter, peach, buff, mocha, vanilla and white. I just had a batch processed with tussah silk . . . ooo La la.
PYGORA - licious !!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PBA registered Pygora bucks for sale.

Various bloodlines, Junior and Senior bucks available.

Red, white, carmel, brown and gray.

Applebright Farm's "JASPER " is a fine example (see attached photo).

The rut season is beginning. Please come visit and select a buck to sire your herd.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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