Saturday, August 25, 2012

Applebright Farm BUCKS FOR SALE 2012

Applebright Farm BUCKS FOR SALE 2012

Time to start planning for your fall breeding.  Our bucks have produced beautiful kids season after season. All are medium size without too big of head. They have great conformation. All except the new2012 kid are proven. Two of our RED bucklings won Jr. & Sr. championships at 2011 OFFF, The new very red, very macho April 2012 buckling is also for sale this  year.  When you put these animals with the right does, you should get lots of color, especially what we call red ~ think of a woman with the most beautiful auburn hair:

    HMF YUKON     03-26M  light caramel, sired red kids
    ABF ROMEO      08-34M  light caramel, kid of Yukon, sired reds
    ABF FILBERT     09-17M  brown, red dam, sired reds
    ABF SEQUOIA   09-15M  red, red dam,sired reds
    ABF COMET      12-          red, red dam

Monday, August 15, 2011

For Sale 2011 Kids

FOR SALE - Born April 21, 2011 - buckling "Bosco" dark red sire, light brown dam.

FOR SALE - as a set- Born April 28, 2011"Rossalie" and her twins "Camellia" and "Magnolia".

Mother and Cammie are light carmel, Maggie is solid black with frosted ears.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful Applebright Does

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nesting Material For Birds

Washed Pygora fleece/guardhair is a natural choice for song birds. It is as soft as cashmere, warm and cozy even in our wet NW spring time.

Three-bags-Full: $12.00 cash sale includes postage and handling.

Proven Bucks For Sale

ABF Romeo

ABF Jasper

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Applebright Farm's professionally processed Pygora fiber is available in 1 oz. clouds. All natural colors; white, cream, peach, buff, fawn, mocha, silver, pewter and black - 100% Pygora and specialty blends.

Our gift packaged 1 oz. clouds are available in a cheery gift box or bridal netting bag tied with a satin ribbon.

Spinner Barb Day says - "We really love this fiber. I like it much better than cashmere. I just think it is much more interesting, not to mention prettier and easier to spin."

How to spin you 1 oz. of Pygora:
- Lace weight: 110 yds.
- Sport weight: 100 yds.
- Worsted: 75 yds.

Our inventory is plentiful thanks to our herd of 40 beautiful Pygoras.

As a special introductory price: 1 oz. gift package: $18.50 includes FREE SHIPPING to the Western USA.
Shipments of multiple items, bulk orders or international shipping will be arranged with the buyer. Payment by USD only, check or money order (No credit cards or Paypal).

To place your order or to inquire about availability please email :