Monday, August 15, 2011

For Sale 2011 Kids

FOR SALE - Born April 21, 2011 - buckling "Bosco" dark red sire, light brown dam.

FOR SALE - as a set- Born April 28, 2011"Rossalie" and her twins "Camellia" and "Magnolia".

Mother and Cammie are light carmel, Maggie is solid black with frosted ears.


  1. Is the buckling still for sale? A couple friends and I are looking for a PBA buck with red genes, Type A preferably!

    -- Julie Jarvis (Maple Valley, WA, Animal Cracker Farm) email me back at

  2. Hi Jan,
    These kids are so cute!
    I wanted to email you pics of the scarf and dress I knitted but didn't have your email so I posted them on my blog instead.
    Hope you and yours are doing awesome!